What Is Android System Webview And Do I Need It

 Android System Webview is made by Chrome and it is one type of System component. It is used for Android apps to display them as web or web content. For your new system, it is already installed by android so no need to download it just update it on a regular basis.

This basically works like a non-browser app when there is any need to open applications as web content.

What Is Android System Webview And Do I Need It

Do I Need It Or Should I delete It?

Yes, you need it on your device. when you are using your system or android this app helps a lot you. Also, it is used for the security purposes of your device. After the Android version, KitKat is default and pre-installed on your device. 

What Operations does Android System Webview Perform?

  •  It takes care of the security of your device
  • Open external web/links on apps
  • Fixes some bugs, etc.
  • Example – Hybrid Apps, the Login page of Facebook, Instagram, etc
Often you have noticed that when you log in through chrome and if you have a pre-installed application then you will directly redirect to that app with the help of this. I am sharing with you one important tip for android or any device, Never delete system or default apps. It can harm your device or maybe your device will not work properly.

How to find Android System Webview Apk on your phone

  • Step 1 – Open your mobile settings
  • Step 2 – Go to APP Management
  • Step 3 – Open Default Apps list
  • Step 4 – Look there and you will find it
If you want to build up this type of Webview application, then with the help of using Android Studio you can easily make it within 2 hours.

Benefits Of Android System Webview

  • As already mentioned it is used for protecting our device by opening third party links in System Webview
  • This will save your device data
  • You will get more privacy than any other web platform
  • Use as a 
  • lite version of apps
What Is Android System Webview And Do I Need It

How To Enable Android System Webview

  • Step 1 – Open Settings of your mobile
  • Step 2 – Search for developer options
  • Step 3 – Put it ON
  • Step 4 – Find WebView Implementation and enable it

How To Disable Android System Webview

I will advise you to not do this but if you want to disable it you can go to settings as mentioned above and Force Stop it or Disable it but you can’t uninstall it so delete updates and it will stop working.


That’s it for today guys. I hope I have solved your queries regarding Android System Webview and its application. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask in the comments and I will answer them. If you are interested in the latest technology and these types of posts then subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications instantly. Thanks for reading!

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