Video Calling Apps for Laptop to Mobile in Windows 10

Video Calling Apps for Laptop to Mobile in Windows 10

Hey guys, in this article we are going to see the best video calling apps for Windows 10 for any Windows. when we are working on our laptop or computer and we need to talk with somebody else on mobile then we need these types of apps. Below I have mentioned some apps as well as some methods to make video calls on Windows 10 laptop to mobile.

List of Video calling apps for a laptop to mobile on Windows 10

1. WhatsApp – The first and most popular application for video calling is WhatsApp. You can use it while working on your laptop. For this simply login on to your WhatsApp web and directly make a video call to whom you want to contact. 
2. Skype – It is also one of the famous video calling applications both for mobile as well as a computer or laptop. Here you have to create and log in with your own Skype account. Now make the video call to the person to whom you want to talk. In this way, you can use this to make a video call with anyone. 
Now I want to clear you one thing about both Skype and WhatsApp. Generally what happens is everybody has WhatsApp pre-installed on their mobile phone or if you are using a laptop then you can simply log in via the web application of  WhatsApp. 
But on the other hand, if you are using Skype then both persons should install the Skype application on their system so to make a video call. So now you can choose any of them whichever you want.
3. Google duo video calling app – You can find this application on the Play Store or Apple store and if you are using Android mobile then this is pre-installed in your phone for your laptop you have to install its PC version so as to make you a video call this is also one of the best video calling app for laptop and mobile you can use it smoothly. 
4. IMO – Our next video calling application is IMO. It is a special video calling application for Windows 10 and for PC versions. You can make video calls from laptop to a laptop computer to computer via this. You simply need to install its PC version via its official website and start making video calls. This is all about video calling applications useful for mobile as well as laptop 

Make Video Call without any External Application

If you want to make a video call without installing any application then simply use your default video call. In this case, you have to first call that person with whom you want to talk then there is one icon of a video call and simply click on it now if other person approves it or gives permission to make a video call then you can make a video call directly without any external application. This call is directly made through your internet data. 

Make Video Call by Using Chrome

If you want to make your video call using Chrome then follow the below steps. 
  • open Chrome Browser and in your laptop 
  • go to hangouts or type it in the search box. 
  • You will see a video calling icon click on it. 
  • Now one pop up occurs in front of you asking the permission for microphone and Laptop Camera 
  • Give the permission by click on allow button 
In this way, you can make a video call by using Chrome on your laptop to any device.

Video Calling Application for Office Purpose

If you are a company employee and working in an office then I will suggest to you some applications for meetings and other purposes.
1. Microsoft teams –  Yes you can use this application to arrange meetings make a video call make submissions also you can set a timer for your video call meeting. So it is the best video calling application or meeting application for office purposes. 
2. Zoom – It is one of the popular applications to make a video call. To use this app you need to install this application from Play Store and make an account on it then you can directly arrange the video call meeting by adding 100 persons at a time in a free version and if you want to add more people then you need to buy a pro version of it. 
3. Google meet – It is the same as zoom but has some different features to edit the screen of a video call meeting and also given some facilities such as you can add more people. For using this application you need to login in it by using any of your mail address and make video call meeting.

Conclusion – 

I hope you are now clear with which application is better to use while making video call with the help of a laptop to mobile. Instead of providing a number of applications I just mentioned important and popular applications in this article so you can use them. from that WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption so your data is also protected with them. we are posting helpful and informative article regarding technology Android mobiles if you are interested in that and then follow us

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