Start with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap (2022)

 A course for beginners in HTML & CSS

Start with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap (2021)

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Welcome on Start with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap, a course for absolute beginners in HTML & CSS!

You are a fresh new developer and you would like to learn how to code? Or you just want to understand HTML/CSS? So this lesson is made for you.

In this course, we’ll learn slowly how to start coding. We’ll take time to explain how HTML and CSS are working by creating our own blog. What an amazing purpose! Step by step, this is what we are going to learn:

  • Install our code editor,
  • Learn how to use it,
  • Create our first HTML file,
  • Write our first HTML lines,
  • Display elements such as title, text, images & videos,
  • Linking HTML pages,
  • Understand website architecture,
  • Stylising our pages with CSS,
  • Importing font families,
  • Install and understand Bootstrap,
  • Designing our entire blog with Bootstrap.


What is Bootstrap and why?

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. It is a tool that is going to help us to create elements and design really fast! I want to show you how powerful is Bootstrap and how much time you can save with this amazing CSS framework.

As a front-end developer since 10 years now and code teacher in french schools for developers, I made this course to show you how to start with code. HTML and CSS are basics langages of web. Everyday, we use them to display websites we visit on our browser but most of us don’t even know how it works. This is why I’ve created this course.

So if you are ready to start coding together, let’s go!

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