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Why Mobile Battery Drain Fast?

Hey guys, in this post we are going to discuss Reasons for High Battery Drainage in Mobile and keep your cell phone’s battery long-lasting. 

People are often concerned about the rapid discharge of their mobile batteries. The phone battery does not work properly all day. However, excessive use of the smartphone can also be a reason for this, but if an expert believes that the phone’s battery is depleted immediately, it should be charged more often, because the battery is becoming weaker. Let us know the reasons for the battery of your mobile phone.

5 reasons to make a phone battery weak

Do not use Fake Charging System

Weaknesses of the phone battery: Always charge the phone with the same charger provided with the phone. The charger of another phone may damage both your phone and the battery. Apart from this, the use of counterfeit chargers can also seem dangerous. If your phone charger is damaged, you will only purchase a real charger.

Keep the phone in vibrate mode

Weak cell phone reasons: People who keep their phones in vibrating mode, their phone battery quickly runs out. Not only this, it is dangerous to health and battery. If vibration occurs when you touch the phone or when you press a button, it should also be stopped because it also makes the battery life difficult.

Minimum use of Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS

On our phones, we use Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS every day. But you usually forget to stop after using it. As a result, the battery is drained. In addition, the function of the phone processor is increasing.

Keep Default Light

Every phone has an automatic lighting mode. Determines the brightness of the light, so the battery is used extensively. So you set the display brightness according to you. Battery performance increases when the display is high in rust. As a result, the battery starts to run out.

Check cell phone charging time

Avoid charging your mobile phone too often. Usually, people start charging the phone even though they have 40-50 percent batteries, which is not true at all. Only charge the phone when the battery is up to 20 percent and keep in mind that it will never charge the phone up to 100 percent. Charge only up to 90 percent, in doing so, battery life increases.

Overuse of mobile also gets our system heated or battery drainage, so take frequent breaks during all this work and use.


I hope you guys are now clear about the Reasons for High Battery Drainage in Mobile. There are main 5 reasons explained in this article. We post similar helpful articles regarding technology and updates, if you like to read such posts the follow us for more.

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