Portfolio Website with Node JS & Express

Create a fully-working, professional portfolio site using Node JS & Express

You will create a fully functional portfolio site using Node JS & Express. Along the way, we review request routing, templating engines, working with a database, REST API, image uploading, and AJAX requests with jQuery. This is a good project for anyone who has been studying on their own for a while but is having trouble tying together several concepts into a working, realistic project.


Basic programming concepts (variables, arrays, loops, etc) and an understanding of beginner JavaScript


Since its introduction in 2009, Node JS has taken the web development world by storm. With a JavaScript-based runtime, Node has made it possible to develop both the front end and backend using one primary language. Express JS is the industry standard web framework for Node development and in this tutorial, we create a polished portfolio website using both Node and Express. As we create the site, we explore the key parts of a professional Node/Express website and how each piece works together. We also leverage a local persistent data storage system so our site can store data, upload images, and more. Throughout this tutorial, we cover:
  • Project Structure
  • Templating Engine
  • Request Routing
  • CRUD operations
  • File uploading
  • CMS for blogs and projects
  • AJAX with jQuery

This series is perfect for those looking to break into professional web development as a full-stack developer. If you have been studying on your own for a few months by going through tutorials on Udemy, YouTube, and more, this series ties together concepts from several beginner areas (such as jQuery) to create a beautiful, professional portfolio site. And when you’re done – you will have a portfolio!

Who this course is for:

Aspiring web developers who have learned the basics but need to tie several concepts together into a fully functional website.

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