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Learn to create interactive web applications using AJAX

  • XML Schema
  • Parsing XML Files
  • AJAX Search Suggest Function
  • AJAX Database Select Menu
  • Database Integration with AJAX
  • AJAX Call Functions
  • Creating Validated PHP Forms using AJAX
  • Encrypting a Web Session
  • Creating Login Authentication forms using AJAX & PHP
  • Installing PhpMailer for Email Transmission


What you’ll learn

  1. XML Schema
  2. Parsing XML Files
  3. AJAX Search Suggest Function
  4. AJAX Database Select Menu
  5. Database Integration with AJAX
  6. AJAX Call Functions
  7. Creating Validated PHP Forms using AJAX
  8. Encrypting a Web Session
  9. Creating Login Authentication forms using AJAX & PHP
  10. Installing PhpMailer for Email Transmission

This course includes:


  • Basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL
  • Basic Computer Skills


Course: Learn XML-AJAX – for beginners
Learn how to build interactive web applications with AJAX

Students will learn to integrate XML/AJAX into their applications to transfer information seamlessly from client to server.

We’re currently investigating several methods to update page content without reloading the page. This is the focus of the course and is demonstrated through various exercises and projects.

Students will have the opportunity to apply all of their newly acquired skills to create complete web applications with PHP/AJAX validated registration forms, member access areas, and encrypted authentication pages with login forms. This project will also explore how to create a web-based contact form and send data to an email address via SMTP using the PHPMailer library.

What you will learn – Overview:

XML Schema

Parse XML files

AJAX search suggestion function

AJAX database selection menu

Database integration with AJAX

AJAX call function

Creating PHP forms validated with AJAX

Web Session Encryption

Building login authentication forms using AJAX and PHP

Installed PhpMailer for email forwarding

Main Concept:

Introduction to XML

Basic XML

XML Schema

XML parsing

XML parsing continues

Introduction to AJAX

search suggestions

AJAX l Database Select Menu Tutorial

Defined XML (Wikipedia):
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that can be read by humans and machines.

Course Prerequisites:

Basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL

Basic computer skills

Who is this course for:
Beginner web developer interested in learning XML and AJAX
Students interested in building web applications
Students are interested in creating login and blog authentication forms
Students interested in manipulating database queries using AJAX

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Web Developers interested in Learning XML & AJAX
  • Students interested in Building Web Applications
  • Students interested in Building Login Authentication Forms and Blogs
  • Students interested in Processing Database Queries using AJAX

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