How can We Record Screen and Audio Produced by Windows 10 laptop?

  How can We Record Screen and Audio Produced by Windows 10 laptop?

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss How Can We Record Screen and Audio Produced by Windows 10 laptop? in detail. This question is mostly asked by content creators like teachers, youtube creators, etc but sometimes we also need to record our computer or laptop screen. So in this article, I have explained How can I record the screen and audio of our laptop or computer.

How can We Record Screen and Audio Produced by Windows 10 laptop?

The first thing to record our laptop screen required is any recording app or software. Below I have mentioned a list of some software with their specifications. You can choose any of them for your PC screen and audio recording.

Laptop Screen Recorder with Audio Software Names

1. OBS STUDIO –  This is the most used and popular software used to record laptop screens with audio of laptops. Here you can see many settings are available to record the screen perfectly and also they have provided external and internal audio options while recording. By using this you can record only laptop sound and not surrounding noise. 

Specifications of OBS STUDIO

  • This software is completely free and you can use it without any premium membership.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. 
  • You can record your screen and at the same time, you can stream it live on any platform like Youtube.
  • It saves your file in its directory so you can use it at the next time of your recording. 

I will suggest you go for it, try it, and be happy to see it works smoothly.  

2. Ace Thinker –  It is also good to use software for recording your laptop or computer screen. It has one special feature to schedule recording or schedule streaming. If you set a timer for it and record the screen, it will automatically stream it to any platform.

Specifications of Ace Thinker

  • It supports Windows as well as Mac but does not support to Linux. 
  • It is free to use but for a premium version, you have to pay for its subscription.

3. Screencastify – This software has its own settings to edit while recording and it can save you recorded files with various versions. By doing some settings you can save your recording directly in google drive. It gives you some features like drawing pens, pointers, etc. 

Specifications of Screencastify

  • It is completely free to use and gives all features in the same version
  • It will export your video file to an animated version too.
  • It supports all Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. Filmora Scrn – If you are a gamer then it is very good software for you as it provides you recording with 120 fps speed. You can also crop your screen size with this and edit it. 

Specifications of Filmora Scrn

  • It can record two device screen and very smooth performance
  • It supports Windows, Mac as well as Linux
  • You can import various file formats recording at the same time.

 5. Audacity – It is not screen recording software but if you want to record only audio of your laptop then I prefer you to go for this.

You can also make a setup that Audacity and your screen works at the same time and then you can edit them together. If audio is very important for you like instrumental sounds, songs, etc. then record your audio with this.

In Which Folder Screen Recording Saved in Laptop

To get the location of the recorded file saved on the laptop, you can follow these steps.
  • Open My PC/ My Computer
  • There you can see folders and drives
  • In folder section open Documents
  • Here your recorded file is stored

Record Screen and Audio of Windows 10 without any Software 

Yes, it is also possible that you can record your windows 10 laptop screen without downloading any external app or software. Simultaneously, it has some limitations like it can only record your laptop screen when you are playing games or using apps. 
To record your Windows 10 laptop screen you have to press Win+Alt+R on your keyboard and your screen recording will get started. In a similar way, you have options to edit your recording settings and you can edit your recording.
 It will be saved in your laptop videos. This is also one of the best ways to record your Windows 10 laptop or computer’s screen with audio.
There are many software’s available open-source on the internet you can use them free, Also if you want some extra features then you can go with paid versions.


I hope you are now clear with How to Record Screen and Audio produced by Windows 10 laptop or computer. If you want to ask anything regarding screen recording then you can comment it. We are posting informative articles regarding technology and gadgets follow us for more such helpful articles. 

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