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What you’ll learn

  1. Functional Programming Approach
  2. Core Principles of Functional Programming
  3. Lambda Expressions
  4. Method References
  5. Functional Programming in Java
  6. Functional interfaces like Function, BiFunction, Consumer, BiConsumer, Predicate, BiPredicate & others
  7. How to write amazing code with functional programming approach in Java
  8. Stream API

This course includes:

  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 2 coding exercises
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


In this course, you can learn functional programming in Java using lambda expressions (anonymous functions), method references, and the Stream API.

There are many other courses on this subject. So why choose this course? Here are some reasons:


Just watching videos and reading books is not enough to learn programming. Also, you need lots of practice. In this training course, you will see hands-on assignments and programming examples to help you learn and understand Java better.

We hide nothing from our students! Includes source code for the homework solution and source code for the examples shared during the tutorial. If you have the source code, you can copy and paste it to run it on your local machine and see how things work better.

You can use all sample source code for educational purposes. This is especially helpful when configuring the environment and running tests, especially if students have never worked with a test framework before.

The main difference between online and offline learning processes is the availability of lecturers. If you’re in the same room as a tutor, they can always help you understand a certain concept or fix your code on the computer.
In this course, we support students with answers to all the questions listed in the FAQ section. For repeated questions, a separate video tutorial is created showing how to solve the problem.

So with this course, you not only get video snippets, code exercises, source code, full access to the free mobile app (which is still pretty cool right? :)), but you also get tutor support and answers to your questions all together with this course.

After our team researched other Java courses on Udemy, we found that most had little to do with real life. The information shared there is very old and clearly out of date. For example, the instructor teaches a frame that hasn’t been used in 15 years. Or the lecturer emphasizes the design of a program that is no longer used!

The instructors of this course are consultants in world-class IT outsourcing companies and help provide state-of-the-art IT solutions to all their customers. Feel free to check the instructor’s LinkedIn page and check for skill endorsements. More than 19,000 people worldwide (most of them are among the top 100 companies in the world) have rated Andriy Pyataha’s skills.

With this course you can be sure that you will spend your time learning the right things from one of the best IT consultants in the world.

  • Unlimited free mobile app for our students

Knowing Java is a skill. Being able to pass a company interview is another skill 🙂 Nowadays many companies use tests to shortlist candidates in the first stage of the interview. We have developed a special skills training app for the purpose.

In this course we will provide you with a link to download our FREE mobile app for Android. (coming soon to iOS platform)

The course instructor offers hundreds of tests to test candidates’ knowledge. With this app you are ready for a job interview.

Only for our students – there is no limit to certification attempts. In the course we will tell you how to set up a special bonus code that will remove the restrictions for our students within the application.

  • High concentration of useful materials in each lesson

Sometimes you may find that watching our 5 minute tutorial is like watching any other 30 minute tutorial.

Because the time required for lesson preparation (lesson script, lesson structure) and video editing (to shorten boring lesson parts or the time it takes to load the program) is sometimes 10 times (sometimes even 20 times) the duration of the last lesson after video editing.

Moreover, each topic is separate from the others. If a concept is explained in a later lesson and you don’t have to worry about understanding it within the scope of that lesson, the teacher will make an announcement when that particular topic is covered.

Go and try it yourself! We value your feedback.

So don’t wait! Check out the tutorial overview if you’re still unsure!

Purchase this course today and get all updates for FREE!

For those who have successfully completed this training or for students who have been rewarded for their excellent questions, there is a special offer from the IT-Bulls company! The creator of this course is the CEO and founder of the IT-Bulls company. We are always looking for talent to lead our amazing startups by your side. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of running your own startup? In this course you will find a team to teach you how to do it and (in certain cases) we are happy to help you make it happen!

I hope you enjoy this course! And remember, we value your feedback! Your feedback helps us to be better! Your feedback helps us make the best Java course ever!

See you in class! 🙂

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