Excel Data Analysis Masterclass with Excel Dashboards

Master Advanced MS Excel topics – Excel Formulas, Excel Formatting, Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Dashboards & Analytics

What you will learn

☑ Learn about basic formatting in excel

☑ Learn about sorting and filtering functions in excel

☑ Learn about UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, LEFT, RIGHT, SEARCH, CONCATENATE functions in excel

☑ Learn how to find outliers and missing values in Excel

☑ Learn how to find standard deviation and percentiles in data using Excel

☑ Learn about IF, IF ERROR, COUNTIF, SUMIF and AVERAGEIF functions in excel

☑ Learn about using Color Bars and Color scales in excel

☑ Learn applying VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions and merge datasets using them in excel

☑ Learn how to merge datasets using Index and match

☑ Learn making Pivot Tables and Pivot charts in excel

☑ Learn making interactive dashboards in excel

☑ Learn about What-if analysis in excel

☑ Learn how to perform linear regression in excel


Welcome to the best online course on Excel.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software applications of all time.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Excel.

It is a very handy software that can be used to store and organize many datasets.

Using its features and formulas, one can use the tool to make send of the data.

This course provides you functionalities of excel used by data scientists and data analysts along with its basics.

You will learn to create interactive dashboards using excel.

In this course, you will cover:-

  • Basic formatting in excel
  • Datatypes of excel
  • Insertion and deletion of new rows and columns in excel.
  • Sorting and filtering data in excel
  • Learn about the different text functions- UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, LEFT, RIGHT, SEARCH, TRIM, CONCATENATE, LEN
  • Learn about the different statistical functions- MIN, MAX, AVERAGE.
  • Finding different percentiles.
  • Finding missing values in data
  • Finding outliers in data
  • Learn about the different logical functions- IF, IFERROR, COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF.
  • Learn about conditional formatting.
  • Learn about lookup functions- VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP.
  • Learn about index and match
  • Learn to create pivot tables and pivot charts.
  • Learn to create interactive dashboards.
  • Learn about What-if Analysis:- Goal Seek analysis, Data Tables, Scenario Management.
  • Learn about performing linear regression in excel.

Not only this, you will get to practice a lot of exercises on these topics.

We are also providing quizzes.

You will also have access to all the resources used in this course.

Enroll now and make the best use of this course.




Excel Basics

How is Excel important to businesses

Understanding the excel interface

Basic Formatting in Excel

Insertion and Deletion in Excel

Data Types in Excel

Quiz on Excel Basics

Quiz Solution

Sort and Filter

Applying the sort function

Applying the filter function

Applying the advanced filter function

Quiz on Sort and Filter

Quiz Solution

Text functions

Using the UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions

Using the LEFT, RIGHT and SEARCH functions

Using the TRIM, CONCAT and LEN functions

Quiz on Text functions

Quiz Solution

Statistical functions

Using the MIN, MAX AVERAGE functions

Finding the Standard deviations

Find the percentiles of data

Finding the Outliers present in data

Finding the Missing values in data

Quiz on Statistical functions

Quiz Solution

Logical Functions

Using the IF function

Using the IF ERROR function

Applying the COUNTIF function

Applying the SUMIF function

Applying the AVERAGEIF function

Quiz on Logical functions

Quiz Solution

Conditional Formatting

Using Colorbars for formatting

Using Colorscales for formatting

Quiz on Conditional Formatting

Quiz Solution

Lookup Functions

Applying VLOOKUP function

Applying HLOOKUP function

Quiz on Lookup Functions

Quiz Solution

Index and Match

Why to use Index and Match?

Applying Index and Match

Quiz on Index and Match

Quiz Solution

Pivot Tables

Making Pivot Tables

Making Pivot Charts

Quiz on Pivot Tables

Quiz Solution


Basics of Data Visualizations

Making Charts in Excel

Making Dashboards

Adding Slicers in Dashbaords

Formatting dashboards

Quiz on Dashboards

Quiz Solution

What If Analysis

Goal Seek Analysis

Data Tables

Scenario Management

Quiz on What If Analysis

Quiz Solution


Understanding Regression

Performing Linear Regression

Quiz on Regression

Quiz Solution

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