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What you’ll learn

  1. Familiarize yourself with the bootstrap grid system
  2. Learn to work with Bootstrap’s three-column layout
  3. Learn how to create a Bootstrap navigation component
  4. Learn to style images with Bootstrap
  5. Build sophisticated and responsive menus with Bootstrap
  6. Create stunning layouts with Bootstrap themes
  7. Learn the basics of React
  8. Work with JSX and functional components in React
  9. Create a calculator in React
  10. Learn about React State Hooks
  11. Debug a React project
  12. Learn about React component styles
  13. Use AI to create Connect 4 clones for single and multiplayer
  14. Learn more about React lifecycle events
  15. Learn React Conditional Rendering
  16. Build a custom e-commerce site entirely on React
  17. Learn the basics of JSON Server
  18. Works with React Routers

This course includes:

  • 13 hours of video on demand
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access to cell phones and TV
  • Completion Certificate


Welcome to the full Bootstrap and React bootcamp. In this course, participants will learn how to create modern and interactive websites using the Bootstrap framework and the React JavaScript library. The course begins with an introduction to Bootstrap, focusing on its reputation in the developer community as the top choice for mobile front-end web frameworks. Bootstrap is a well-documented collection of reusable code written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll start by exploring the basics of Bootstrap, including embedding it into a project and building the basic structure of a Bootstrap page. From there, we catapulted into Bootstrap’s famous grid system, along with the commonly used three-column website layout. Following introductory topics, students learn to work with a variety of components, from typography, tables, and image designs to indentation, alerts, and buttons. During the course we will demonstrate creating complex navigation menus using drop-down menus, collapses, accordions and pills. We’ll also cover form styles, carousels, modals, scrollspy, and pretty much any other Bootstrap component that’s essential to your front-end developer journey. The module ends with a hands-on project where students use bootstrap design to create an amazing website from scratch.

In the second part of this course, we explore React. React, also known as React JS, is a powerful JavaScript library that is used to create custom and interactive user interfaces with UI components. Like Bootstrap, React is a free, well-documented open source library. This project was founded by Meta and a network of independent developers. In this section, students will learn how to use the React library through a series of hands-on projects. The React portion of this course starts with a hands-on project in which you will learn how to work with React function components, props, callback functions, OnClick events, and React state hooks to create a fully functional calculator. From there we’ll move on to project number two, where you’ll build a Connect 4 clone. Here we cover more intermediate concepts including passing props, destructuring, passing arguments to click events, various style methods, and handling callbacks. You’ll also learn about React key properties, React lifecycle events, and conditional rendering. Ultimately you’ve built a complete Connect 4 multiplayer and single player board game with integrated AI functionality.


In the final part of the course, we’ll further unleash the power of React by creating a complete ecommerce website with multiple product categories, product storefront, shopping cart functionality, and more. Here we introduce a number of basic new concepts including: JSON Server, Fetch API, and Installing React Router. This basic building block is used to render product categories, build product lists, and configure product detail pages. From there, we’ll dive into styling components, tweaking the store layout, and exploring the concept of “context” in React. In the final phase of the project, students configure shopping cart and checkout functions. We’ll also implement a product search function, followed by an in-depth exercise on validating input forms in React.

As you can see, this course covers a lot. Best of all is Tim McLachlan – a renowned senior full stack developer with over 20 years of commercial development experience. Versatile developer Team specializes in algorithms, analytics and mobile development. To date, he has written hundreds of resumes and worked in industries ranging from commercial aviation and the military to banking and finance. Tim has a real passion for teaching others how to be better coders and looks forward to interacting with his students.

With that in mind, we hope you are as excited about this course as we are, if yes – click the sign-up button and get started.

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