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What you’ll learn

  1. Learn about the fundamentals of car electrical systems and how they work.
  2. Discover the differences between AC and DC electrical systems and their uses in cars.
  3. Understand how microcontrollers work in modern car electrical systems.
  4. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of methanol fuel for car tuning.
  5. Discover how to tune your car’s performance for better speed and acceleration.
  6. Understand the different types of car tuning, including stage tuning and performance tuning.
  7. Learn how to identify and fix common electrical problems in your car.
  8. Discover how to use electrical diagnostic tools to troubleshoot issues.
  9. Understand how to safely modify and upgrade your car’s electrical system.
  10. Learn how to read and interpret wiring diagrams to make electrical repairs.
  11. Discover the importance of proper grounding and wiring in car electrical systems.
  12. Understand how to choose the right batteries and alternators for your car’s electrical system.
  13. Learn how to install and use different types of sensors in your car.
  14. Discover how to use data logging to monitor and analyze your car’s performance.
  15. Understand how to use dynamometers to measure horsepower and torque.
  16. Learn how to adjust and optimize your car’s fuel and air mixture for better performance.
  17. Discover how to use advanced tuning software to fine-tune your car’s performance.
  18. Understand how to install and use aftermarket gauges and displays to monitor your car’s systems.
  19. Learn how to safely modify and upgrade your car’s exhaust system for better performance.
  20. Discover how to choose the right suspension and brake upgrades for your car.
  21. Understand the principles of engine management and how to optimize it for better performance.
  22. Learn how to use specialized tools and equipment to diagnose and fix electrical problems.
  23. Discover how to properly maintain and care for your car’s electrical system.
  24. Understand the importance of safety when working with car electrical systems.
  25. Learn about the history of car tuning and its evolution over the years.
  26. Discover the different types of car tuning cultures and their unique characteristics.
  27. Understand the impact of car tuning on the automotive industry and society.
  28. Learn about the latest trends and technologies in car tuning and performance.
  29. Discover the different career paths available in the car tuning and performance industry.
  30. Understand why you should take this course to learn more about car electrical systems and tuning.
  31. Learn about Car Repair and Electrical Systems

This course includes:

  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Welcome to our comprehensive Car Electrician Training course! This course is specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to become a successful car electrician. We’ll guide you through the basics of electricity and the complexities of car tuning so you can master the art of car repair.

This course is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn the fundamentals of car electrician training, as well as for seasoned professionals who want to advance their knowledge in the field. Throughout the course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of electrical systems and their components, and you’ll learn how to diagnose and fix common problems.


The course is structured in a way that is easy to understand and follows a logical progression. We start with the basics of electrical theory and move on to the more advanced topics of car tuning and repair. Along the way, we’ll provide you with practical, hands-on exercises to help you develop your skills.

The first module of the course covers the basics of electricity. You’ll learn about Ohm’s Law, electrical circuits, and the principles of voltage, current, and resistance. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the components that make up an electrical system, such as batteries, alternators, and starters.

The second module covers the most important tools and equipment that you’ll need as a car electrician. You’ll learn about the different types of multimeters, oscilloscopes, and diagnostic tools, as well as the various types of wire and cable that are used in electrical systems.

The third module covers car tuning. You’ll learn how to diagnose and fix common electrical problems such as alternator failure, battery drain, and starter issues. You’ll also learn about advanced topics such as wiring harnesses, grounding, and circuit protection.

The fourth module is dedicated to car repair. You’ll learn how to diagnose and fix common mechanical problems, such as engine failure, transmission issues, and suspension problems. You’ll also learn about the different types of tools and equipment that are used in car repair, as well as safety procedures that are essential when working on cars.

The final module of the course covers the business side of car electrician training. You’ll learn about how to set up a successful car electrician business, including marketing, pricing, and customer service. You’ll also learn about the different types of certifications and licenses that are required to operate a car electrician business, as well as legal and financial considerations.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful car electrician. You’ll be able to diagnose and fix common electrical problems, tune a car for optimal performance, and perform advanced repairs on all types of vehicles. You’ll also have a solid understanding of the business side of car electrician training, which will help you build a successful career in this exciting field.

Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled car electrician!

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