AWS Free Course – Storage Learning Plan: Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Storage Learning Plan: Data Protection and Disaster Recovery 

Duration: 16h 50m

This Learning Plan is designed to help Storage Administrators, Storage Engineers, Developers, and Solutions Architects create, manage, and architect highly available storage solutions. The digital training included in this Learning Plan will expose you to methods on how to centrally manage and automate backups across AWS services, ensure your data is protected, and examine best practices in disaster recovery using AWS storage services.

AWS Storage provides you with the services you need to build the storage solution that’s right for your business. In this course, you will learn about the AWS Storage services that provide storage for customers at different places in their cloud journeys, from migration to hybrid to cloud-native. You will also learn about services that provide associated functions, such as data transfer and data protection. Finally, you bring those elements together to examine scenarios and the possible paths you can take to arrive at your best storage solution.     

• Course level: Fundamental     

• Duration: 195 minutes

How to Enroll in the course

Scroll down the page by reading these course points and then Open – Enroll 


This course includes digital learning and videos.

Course objectives

In this course, you will learn to:     

• Explain the benefits of using AWS Storage     

• Differentiate between on-premises and cloud storage     

• Identify and differentiate between AWS Storage services     

• Articulate use cases for AWS Storage offerings     

• Identify which AWS Storage service is appropriate for specific business needs     

• Explore and consume relevant follow-on training     

• Begin using AWS Storage

Intended audience

This course is intended for:     

• Business decision makers     

• All tech roles interested in AWS Cloud Storage


We recommend that attendees of this course have:     

• None 

Curriculum outline

Core AWS Storage Services     

• On-premises versus AWS Cloud Storage     

• Introduction to AWS Storage Portfolio     

• Identifying the right storage solution in the Cloud     

• Block Storage: Amazon EBS     

• File Storage Overview     

• File Storage: Amazon EFS     

• File Storage: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server     

• Object Storage: Amazon S3

Edge and Hybrid Storage Solutions     

• Edge and Hybrid Cloud Solutions Overview     

• Edge Storage Solutions: AWS Snow Family     

• Hybrid Storage Solutions: AWS Outposts     

• Hybrid Storage Solutions: AWS Storage Gateway

Transferring Your Data to the AWS Cloud     

• Data transfer and Migration Services Introduction     

• AWS Transfer Family     

• AWS DataSync     

• AWS Snow Family     

• AWS Application Migration Service (CloudEndure Migration)

Protecting Your Data in the AWS Cloud     

• Protecting data in the Cloud Introduction     

• AWS Backup     

• Native Service Snapshots     

• CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Bringing AWS Storage Services All Together     

• Summary of the AWS Storage Portfolo     

• Making Your AWS Storage Decision

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