Reasons for High Battery Drainage in Mobile – Cell Phone Battery Health

  Why Mobile Battery Drain Fast? Hey guys, in this post we are going to discuss Reasons for High Battery Drainage in Mobile and keep your cell phone’s battery long-lasting.  People are often concerned about the rapid discharge of their mobile batteries. The phone battery does not work properly all day. However, excessive use of the smartphone … Read more

Machine Learning Essentials Zero to Hero Program (FREE) With Certificate

Learn Basics of Machine Learning from Industry Experts in LetsUpgrade Live Class. Grab the opportunity and get ready to climb the ladder of success Enroll – Open Below Why Machine Learning essentials program & for Whom? Machine learning is about developing solutions for problems or finding ways to optimize the technology. Therefore having a career … Read more

Portfolio Website with Node JS & Express

Create a fully-working, professional portfolio site using Node JS & Express You will create a fully functional portfolio site using Node JS & Express. Along the way, we review request routing, templating engines, working with a database, REST API, image uploading, and AJAX requests with jQuery. This is a good project for anyone who has … Read more