Easy Branded Content Creation: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Advertisement What you’ll learn Master the Fundamentals of AI: Understand the basics of AI and its relevance in modern marketing practices, positioning yourself as an AI-savvy professional. Accelerate Content Creation: Learn techniques to expedite content creation using AI platforms, enabling you to produce branded content quickly and efficiently. Enhance Brand Consistency: Develop skills in prompt … Read more

Fostering Customer Engagement with CE Analytics & Strategies

Advertisement What you’ll learn Understand concept and significance of customer engagement Gain knowledge about metrics for customer engagement analytics Understand the role of social media in effective customer engagement Learn to implement customer engagement strategies for engaging customers Understand the role of customer engagement officer in customer engagement analytics and designing customer engagement strategies To … Read more

Practical Kubernetes Guide

Advertisement What you’ll learn Best practices for Kubernetes (Apps, DevOps, Admin, Scalability, Security) Kubernetes DevOps CI/CD pipelines (HELM, Azure DevOps, Github Actions) Kubernetes security (Pod Identity, Calico, Azure Security Center) Kubernetes scalability (HPA, Cluster Autoscaler, Virtual Node) Kubernetes Ingress with TLS/SSL/HTTPS Kubernetes best practices Description [This course is still in progress. More content will be … Read more

Standout Social Media Graphics in Canva: 200 Templates Incl.

Advertisement What you’ll learn Develop a cohesive brand appearance across multiple social media channels Quickly & easily create graphics that stand out on crowded social feeds Design marketing materials for your brand for use on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Powerpoint, LinkedIn, Email marketing, and more Master all the Canva skills you need to design high conversion … Read more

Excel VBA for Beginner to Advanced- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Functions amd Formula of Excel Macros and VBA Object Oriented Programming Cell Refference Description Are you ready to supercharge your Excel skills and become a proficient VBA programmer? Look no further! The Excel VBA for Beginner to Advanced course is designed to take you from a complete beginner to an advanced … Read more

Fundamentals of Successful Leadership – Leading with Impact- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Leadership Role Who Is a Leader Purpose driven leader Big picture thinking leader Authentic leadership Leadership through tough times Community or Collegiate minded leadership Assertive but fair Leadership How to make successful impact as a Leader How to become a leader yourself We are all leaders in our own spheres Description … Read more

Fundamentals of Financial Services- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Banking – History of banking Banking – Distinctions between Retail/Investment etc The role of banks Central banks Saving and Borrowing Evaluating different sources of borrowing (mortgage, overdraft, credit card, payday loans etc) Calculating effective annual IRs Ethics and Integrity in Financial Services How the financial services sector links savers and borrowers, … Read more

Leadership – Leading a Community- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Leadership of Communities Leading People What Leadership is What are Communities? The promise within Leading Communities Stewardship Building Your own Communities Communicating with Communities Responsibilities of Community Leaders Feedback Channels Description We have seen many forms of leadership in the past decade. One of the leadership failings that seem to have … Read more

Web3 & Cryptocurrency Market analysing Tool Using WordPress- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Introduction to NextGen WordPress using crypto . Integrate user-friendly features like trend analysis functionality for all cryptocurrencies. Mastering wordpress : Advanced web 3 store Techniques Leveraging NextGen graphical crypto interfaces. Harnessing the Power of coingecko , crypto , Binance plugins Creating Dynamic and Engaging Content that worth the time. Making a … Read more

CDO Chief Digital Officer Executive Certification- (Free Course) – Course Joiner

Advertisement What you’ll learn Chief Digital Officer Certification (CDOC) Assessment by MTF Institute Description Welcome to Chief Digital Officer Certification (CDOC) Assessment This assessment helps to employees and companies in internal certification procedures. Advertisement Its not a course with theory, its exam for certification / assessment Udemy doesn’t provide certificates for exam type of courses … Read more