Azure Container Apps: intro and deep dive

Advertisement What you’ll learn The fundamentals of developing and deploying applications into Container Apps Managing and securing Container Apps Configuring and scaling Container Apps Automated deployment using DevOps CI/CD pipelines Description Are you ready to take your application development skills to the next level with Azure Container Apps? This comprehensive online course is designed to … Read more

Advanced Machine Learning on Google Cloud: Practice Tests

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English for Personal and Career Development in 2024!

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Instagram Marketing. How to Promote Your Business!

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Deploy Infra in the Cloud using Terraform

Advertisement What you’ll learn Automate infrastructure deployment to the cloud Create Terraform templates Working with the “Execution Plan” Sharing and locking the State file Deploy into dev/test and production DevOps CI/CD pipelines for Terraform GitOps with Atlantis Creating and deploying Web Apps, Databases, VMs, Storage, Kubernetes clusters Deploy to multiple cloud platforms using Modules Troubleshooting … Read more

Facebook Ads MasterClass – All Campaign Creations & Features

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Learn Github Actions for CI/CD DevOps Pipelines

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