Advanced Excel Masterclass along with Excel Dashboards


  • No prior knowledge required. 
  • Determination and Desire to learn new things. 
  • A positive attitude to success. 
  • A willingness to learn and practice.

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Welcome to the best online course on Excel.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software applications of all time.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Excel.

It is a very handy software that can be used to store and organize many datasets.


its features and formulas, one can use the tool to make send of the data.

This course provides you functionalities of excel used by data scientists and data analysts along with its basics.

You will learn to create interactive dashboards using excel.

In this course, you will cover:-

  • Basic formatting in excel
  • Datatypes of excel
  • Insertion and deletion of new rows and columns in excel.
  • Sorting and filtering data in excel
  • Learn about the different text functions- UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, LEFT, RIGHT, SEARCH, TRIM, CONCATENATE, LEN
  • Learn about the different statistical functions- MIN, MAX, AVERAGE.
  • Finding different percentiles.
  • Finding missing values in data
  • Finding outliers in data
  • Learn about the different logical functions- IF, IFERROR, COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF.
  • Learn about conditional formatting.
  • Learn about lookup functions- VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP.
  • Learn about index and match
  • Learn to create pivot tables and pivot charts.
  • Learn to create interactive dashboards.
  • Learn about What-if Analysis:- Goal Seek analysis, Data Tables, Scenario Management.
  • Learn about performing linear regression in excel.
  • Learn Advanced Filtering.
  • Macros and VBA.
  • Debugging.
  • User-Defined Functions.
  • Working with VBA Forms and many more.

We have covered each and every topic in detail and also learned to apply them to real-world problems.

You will have lifetime access to the resources and we update the course regularly to ensure that it is up to date.

There are 2 bonus Excel Dashboard Projects “Retail E-commerce Data Analysis using Excel” and “Project Task Tracker Dashboard in Excel“.

Not only this, you will get to practice a lot of exercises on these topics.

We are also providing quizzes.

You will also have access to all the resources used in this course.

Instructor Support – Quick Instructor Support for any queries.

I’m looking forward to see you in the course!

Enroll now and make the best use of this course.


Who this course is for: 

  • Who is interested in Data Analyst role. 
  • Who wants to become a Data Scientist. 
  • To become a successful Business Analyst. 
  • Those who are looking for Job who wants to be expertise in Excel. 
  • Students and professionals who want to improve the training capabilities. Job-seekers.


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