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A Step by Step Guide for Preparing the 4 Essays (Arabic Language)


Wining a scholarship will change your life forever. Studying overseas is a unique experience. Building a global professional network will boost your career potentials. All these promises can be achieved through Chevening scholarship.

This course will help you write a strong and convincing application. The selection process for Chevening is highly competitive, and only those with great stories and clear future plans will be selected to win Chevening scholarship.

The course walks you through the whole journey of writing the 4 essay for Chevening application:

[1] Leadership and Influence essay

[2] Relationship-Building and Shared Learning essay

[3] Study in the UK essay

[4] Career plan essay

By taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and be able to demonstrate key skills for scholarship application writing
  • Understand and be able to apply the 10 rules for great scholarship application writing
  • Know your niche, and understand how to discover your niche
  • Understand the definition of leadership and traits of good leader
  • Identify tactics and strategies to write the Leadership and Influence essay
  • Be familiar with the definition of networking skills and traits of good networker
  • Know how to establish professional relationships and how to maintain them
  • Learn how to write the Relationship-building and shared learning essay
  • Find out how to systematically and strategically choose 3 courses in the UK
  • Learn how to write the Study in the UK essay
  • Identify your short and long term plans
  • Know how to write the Career Plans essay

The course will also offer you the opportunity to download and use resources that will help you implement your learning.

Thank you for enrolling in this course, and I will see inside.


Who this course is for:

  • This course targets everyone who plans to study a master’s in the UK and is looking for a full scholarship. This course guides you through the writing process of the 4 essays in the prestigious Chevening scholarship application. Many of tactics and strategies explained in this course can be valuable for writing personal statements for university admission purpose as well as for applying to other scholarships.

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