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Php8 has new features and breaking changes


When i started PHP back in 2000 over 20 Years ago, we still had Version 3, when PHP 4 came up I did my first migration to new features and even learned a lot myself.
In 2021 PHP8 came up so it was time for me to learn about new Features again, in this course I wanna share that knowledge so you can adapt to the new PHP version and it ́s features like constructor property promotion or named arguments more easy.
The course comes with a complete exercise and lot ́s of example course, which is downloadable and also public accessible on my GitLab account.
The latest version of the internets most used server side language is out, PHP 8.
In PHP 8 we are going to unchain the new features along practical examples.
You will learn what new features exist and how to use them
after that we are going to focus on how to migrate old php projects to PHP8.
the histroy of PHP, jit compiler, constructor property promotion, named arguments, attributes match expressions, nullsafe, breaking changes and how to migrate.
In FAQ section you have the chance to send your Questions and receive answer by video
This course will give you a great benefit if you are going to adopt to the new PHP version 8, or if you just would like to get an overview which new Features are inside the latest PHP version.

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Developer
  • Developer of other Languages interested in PHP
  • Software Architects

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