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Know yourself and others quickly and accurately


This course, “Observe to Unmask: 100 Small Things to Know People Better” has been adapted from the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, “Observe to Unmask” by Pushpendra Mehta.

Most people wear a mask, a social mask to hide who they really are. By being more observant and self-aware, you can read people and see past their masks to the real person.

The aim of the course is to encourage self-observation, because to observe means to first observe yourself and then observe others. The course also does the heavy lifting for you to help you know people better, instantly and effectively from the smallest observations.

It takes time (decades) and patience to learn how to read yourself as well as different people accurately. Observe to Unmask: 100 Small Things to Know People Better is filled with observations that will help you predict how a person will react in personal and professional situations.

Simple, interactive and done at your own pace – this course will be the perfect fit for anyone interested in learning more about human nature and unmasking people to know who they really are.

Treat this course as an investment to:

  • Help you uncover your ego.
  • Understand the people in your personal and professional life.
  • Prevent yourself from being exploited or manipulated.
  • Aid you in comprehending an individual’s backstory and fathom why people behave the way they do.
  • Assist you identify a suitable partner, hire the right employee or colleague, choose the right friends, or investor so that you develop personal and professional relationships that work for you and make you happier.
  • Enhance your power of perception, deduction, intuition, querying, and listening to help you land your dream job, catch someone lying, and adapt your message or communication style to ensure it resonates with your audience.
  • Help save marriages, ward off toxic people, and even aid you in becoming a better child, parent, spouse, friend, supervisor, employee, or entrepreneur.

The course summarizes the complexities of human behavior without bringing in the science behind it – thus making it more accessible for daily life.

If you want to know what a person is saying, listen to them. If you want to know why they’re saying it then sign up for this course.

Invest in Yourself.

Sign up NOW! Thank you so much.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for the younger generations spanning Millennials, Generation Z, and the younger lot of the Generation X that like reading books, listening to podcasts and watching videos in the personal and professional development, learning and growth space.
  • The course is meant for those who are open to accepting insights based on my experiences, intuitive insights, and a lifetime of observation, and not opinions backed by data or scientific evidence.

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