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Software design, processes and requirements engineering


This is a course which goes through the introduction to software engineering and all the other contents which are included in this course is described below(shown below).

Outline software engineering principles and activities involved in building large software

programs. Identify ethical and professional issues and explain why they are of concern to software


Software engineering is a systematic engineering approach to software development. A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.

Typically, there are people who specialize in various pieces of the process, but some companies will use the same person or multiple people who work on different parts of the development.

Introduction: Software Crisis ,Need for Software Engineering, Professional Software

Development, Software Engineering Ethics. Case Studies.

Software Processes: Models: Waterfall Model, Incremental Model

and Spiral Model .

Process activities: Software specification, Software design and Implementation, Software Validation, Software Evolution.

Requirements Engineering: Requirements Engineering Processes . Requirements

Elicitation and Analysis. Functional and non-functional requirements. The

software Requirements Document . Requirements Specification .

Requirements validation. Requirements Management.

These are all the basic things to need to know about the software engineering and to move forward with these concepts.

We have planned to bring one more course in which we will be talking about some more concepts of software engineering and it will be like the continuation of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in software engineering and software processes
  • Students who are interested in the software engineering process

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