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Copywriting Secret Formula to Increase your Sales and Conversion rate-10X Fiverr and Upwork Freelance Copywriting Sales


Wanna discover why your online business keeps failing royally? It’s simply because you are not following a proven method devised and successfully deployed by one of the world’s best copywriters in America today.

This course will help you improve your conversion rate.

By using this simple, yet elaborate method, you will be able to take your copywriting skills from a total mess to success.

This method was designed and easily applicable at all levels. It will help you resonate better with your target audience.

It is a proven formula to transform your business from earning poor sales to overnight success.

The magic of the method explained in this course is that it’s highly scalable once you learn how it works!

Quick history background check

  • I was working full time 9 to 5 (3 years ago)
  • I tried freelance copywriting
  • I wrote a copy that sucked for 5 dollars per order on Fiverr.

Customers wouldn’t even talk to me. I kept chasing them away due to mediocrity and a lack of copywriting skills.

Before I discovered this method, customers escaped me like the plague.

What was more surprising is that I was ready and willing to do whatever it took to get a 5-dollar order, which was not even enough to buy me a big mac or chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

The irony is that those customers that ran away from me placed large orders worth thousands of dollars to other copywriters on Fiverr and Upwork.

What fascinated me was, “What is the motivation that drives such buyers to place thousands of dollars in someone else” I, on the other side, was ready to do anything for 5 dollars.

I remember asking myself, “Why are these copywriters better than me?

Everything changed dramatically as soon as I discovered the method I was about to teach you in this course.

The technique I am about to teach you helped me develop the ability to create highly converting sales pages for my affiliate links. My sales went up like crazy in a matter of weeks.

I, too, was surprised, but it was so lovely that I couldn’t bring myself to stop using the method from that point onwards.

The magical question that changed everything for me was, “What makes the quality of my copy so unattractive that these buyers are willing to purchase from writers ten times more expensive than I was at the time.”

Fast forward two years later!

I now charge the following fees for my copywriting services :

•I charge $500 per sales page (It takes me three entire days to accomplish)

•I charge $1000 per email Newsletter sequence (It takes me eight days to complete)

•I charge $100 per high-quality article (It takes me one day)

•I charge $2000 per landing page (It takes me two weeks)

It took me a long time to write copy because I learned the importance of customer psychology research and reverse engineering.

Every copywriter ought to find inspiration in Abraham lincoln’s famous quote, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree. I would spend 6 hours sharpening the saw.”

After discovering the method explained in this course, I started focusing 80% or more on market research and analysis.

My sole purpose became to gather as much key information about my ideal customers as possible.

Facts are essential, but nothing outperforms the impact and influence of a good heart-touching story.

I changed from being a scientific and fact-based decision-maker to a copywriter focused more on creating content that can impact people on an emotional level.

I believe every copywriter should seek to influence people on an emotional aspect first to see any results.

Whether that be a freelance copywriter on Fiverr and Upwork or an entrepreneur writing sales copy for landing pages of his website.

70% of human decisions are influenced by emotion, and only 30% or less of our decision-making is logical.

If superman had no flaws, he wouldn’t have been interesting.

Superman is only relatable and famous because he has a weakness to kryptonite and batman.

Sorry superman fans, but that’s the truth!

People have such low attention spans nowadays.

A good copywriter and content marketer should focus and deploy all his humanitarian efforts and creative thinking to create content that resonates with people deeply on an emotional level.

Your ideal customer will certainly not sacrifice his precious social media time to read your copy for nothing in return for that pattern interrupt.

Suppose there is nothing in your copy for your target audience. In that case, your copy is as impotent as impotent can get.

You need to develop an intriguing copy that solves an immediate problem.

The method explained in this course will help you take your copywriting skills to the next level.

By taking this course Now! You’ll learn to persuade your target audience by offering a solution from outside the box.

Learning this copywriting method is like discovering that “Pizza is healthy and can help people lose weight.”

You will be able to convince them that salvation for their problem can only be accomplished through purchasing your product.

It also helps to point out that people will not stick for long if you don’t tell them immediately, “What’s in it for them.”

With today’s goldfish attention spans, you must get to the bottom line of your message right away, or else you’ll lose your audience’s attention to another, more crafty content marketer.

Our brain is primed to seek rewards constantly, so make use of it and reward people immediately to gain their attention and intrigue.

People need proof to trust you, so you should make it a habit not to preach something you can’t back up.

Don’t teach people boxing if you’ve never worn a pair of boxing gloves.

And just like the late MUHAMMAD ALI said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up,” back your claims up at all costs, or else do not utter them in the first place.

The top-notch successful copywriters of the business wouldn’t want you to learn the copywriting secrets uncovered in this course.

Suppose you don’t give it a shot now! You might never have another opportunity to do so.

I came from a poor background and was constantly told I would never be up to accomplishing anything.

Part of the reason why I am sharing this method with you is so that you can shut the haters off for good.

Show them what you’re capable of, and my only reward would be watching you succeed in the business.

You can decide to procrastinate today, which is perfectly fine.

Remember not to blame the universe for being a struggling copywriter with no sales.

I would much rather go with the second option if I were you.

Who this course is for:

  • Copywriters looking for a new mechanism to take your sales to the next level.
  • Copywriters looking to 10X their sales conversions overnight
  • Copywriters looking to learn a practical and scalable method to scale their online business

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