[100% OFF] Done 4 You Marketing Funnel: Page & Email Templates Included with Certificate of Completion – Tutorial Bar

All the instructions & templates you need to create & implement a marketing funnel that converts easily & inexpensively


With free website builders galore, anyone can create a beautiful website these days; but that doesn’t mean those pages will actually convert leads into paying customers. What makes or breaks a sale? Your messaging. Does what you’re offering align with your ideal customer’s needs and goals? Does your page copy address their fears and objections? Are you speaking in their language?

When you use the templates in this course, the answer to all of those questions will be YES! Inside you’ll find page and email templates for a complete marketing funnel that collects leads with a free offer and nurtures them via email, before ultimately pitching your digital product(s) or service(s).

These templates are so thorough and detailed that once they are filled out, you can pass them directly to a designer, developer or virtual assistant to implement them for you. We’ve included insider tips and recommendations for hiring great help online inexpensively.

If you’re on a super tight budget, we’ve also included detailed trainings on how to implement this funnel all on your own.

You don’t need advanced technology, marketing or copywriting skills to create an online experience that easily and ethically converts leads into paying customers.

Everything you need is inside this course, including:

  • A landing page template for your free offer that will collect your leads’ email addresses
  • A confirmation page template that delivers your free offer and softly pitches your paid offer
  • A 6-email campaign that nurtures leads from your free offer before pitching your paid offer
  • A sales page template for your paid offer: your product(s) and/or service(s)
  • A confirmation page template for your paid offer that encourages consumption and decreases buyer’s remorse
  • Platforms we recommend to either implement the funnel yourself, or hire a freelancer online and inexpensively

Who this course is for:

  • Existing businesses who want to create or improve their online marketing funnel.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to monetize their passion as affordably as possible.

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