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What’s your Problem Solving skills level really? How to move up on the Problem Solving training ladder?


I’m guessing this is NOT the first time you check out a Problem Solving training course, is it?

Just like you, I am also passionate about problem solving. I spent years learning all there is to know about it. And the extend of it is huge! Terrifying!

Improving your problem solving skills is a never ending effort, but time however, well, we always run out of it!

So, what is your metacognition on problem solving?

What I mean is: you may know some of what you know and some of what you don’t know about problem solving, but you are certainly missing things you forgot you know, or things you simply don’t know they exist.

Some other domains, such as Project Management, Business Analysis or Systems Engineering have their own “Body of Knowledge” (BoK). A Body of Knowledge is the complete set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain.

But, where is the Problem Solving Body of Knowledge?

Let’s start by refining our ambitious scope going from Mission Impossible to The Matrix.

We will start by limiting the type of problems we are planning to solve using the problem solving skillset.

Problem solving focus in fact in problems with three common features:

  1. They are unique, because of their novelty, or because they have never been solved.
  2. They are multidisciplinary, or in some cases transdisciplinary.
  3. They are dynamic. They evolve with time, generally towards chaos, according to the laws of our universe.

We’ve come across with the right term for these type of problems. They are COMPLEX.

So, what do you know about Complex Problem Solving? And what do you not know?

How do you assess your Complex Problem Solving skills level?

How can you improve your Complex Problem Solving skills effectively?

In this course, we will help you answer these questions and more!

If you are passionate about problem solving and want to keep improving your problem solving skills effectively, enrol on this course now!

Who this course is for:

  • Avid problem solvers
  • Leaders of tomorrow
  • Knowledge workers

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